Yuri Latushkin, Stephen Montgomery-Smith and Tim Randolph, Evolutionary semigroups, spectral mapping theorems, linear skew-product flows, exponential dichotomy. J. Diff. Eq. 125, (1996), 73-116. We study evolutionary semigroups generated by a strongly continuous semi-cocycle over a locally compact metric space acting on Banach fibers. This setting simultaneously covers evolutionary semigroups arising from nonautonomuous abstract Cauchy problems and C0-semigroups, and linear skew-product flows. The spectral mapping theorem for these semigroups is proved. The hyperbolicity of the semigroup is related to the exponential dichotomy of the corresponding linear skew-product flow. To this end a Banach algebra of weighted composition operators is studied. The results are applied in the study of: "roughness" of the dichotomy, dichotomy and solutions of nonhomogeneous equations, Green's function for a linear skew-product flow, "pointwise" dichotomy versus "global" dichotomy, and evolutionary semigroups along trajectories of the flow. (tex, dvi, ps, pdf.)


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